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In light of current global health concerns, Zoho has made the decision to switch its entire organization to remote work.

Until the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been brought under control, a majority of our 8000+ employees across 10+ countries will be working from home. We’re able to make this shift quickly, in part, because our suite of apps were designed, specifically, to support and foster remote collaboration. Since more and more companies are adopting similar work from home (WFH) policies, we wanted to offer the same set of tools we use to everyone for free, during this time.

Introducing Zoho Remotely

Zoho Remotely has handpicked tools that will help teams embrace remote work easily.

We all know there’s nothing like sitting face to face with your team, collaborating on a project. The next best thing would be a digital solution that feels as easy and natural as an in-person meeting, even when you’re on the other side of the planet. 

Remotely includes a selection of apps that do just that, each for a different component of business communication. Together, this advanced software suite fosters communication and collaboration with your colleagues and customers, no matter where you are.

Communication Tools

When working remote, communication is key. Cliq provides an array of communication options — chat, audio or video — allowing you to discuss important matters with teammates or customers alike. You can also use the app to create intelligent bots that will help ease your remote work – they can fetch you notification or alert you about things.

Prime Handshake

Cliq has features like PrimeTime Handshake that can be very useful for online conferencing.

Group communication — whether it’s business meetings or remote training — can be achieved through Zoho Meeting or Zoho ShowTime. These advanced web conferencing and training tools make it possible to keep the conversation going, even when you’re at a distance. 

Zoho Meetings can get you started with online meetups in easy steps.


Collaboration Tools

Whether you’re working together on a document or a project, collaborative team spaces designed for remote work, such as Zoho WorkDrive, can come in handy. For project management, if you follow the waterfall method, we offer Zoho Projects, and if you use agile project management, we suggest Sprints, both of which will be available in Remotely. 

Keep track of your tasks as you work from home using Zoho Projects.

Remote Assistance

Zoho Remotely helps you assist your customers and your field engineers/service agents at the same time. 

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based remote support and access app that helps you troubleshoot and correct issue from a distance through web-based, on-demand support sessions.

Zoho Lens uses augmented reality to help service technicians do their jobs better. Lens uses the customer’s phone camera to show the technician the conditions on site, then the technician is able to annotate and highlight the video stream, so the customer can see what they need to fix.

With Zoho Lens app, you will be able to use Augmented Reality-based annotation to help field service engineers.


The productivity tools included in Remotely enable you to create and collaborate on content, no matter where you are. 

Zoho Writer is a powerful word processing app that enables your colleagues (such as your favorite editor) to offer remote feedback, so you can create the perfect copy. 

Get your content reviewed through remote editors in Writer app.

Zoho Sheet makes spreadsheet creation easier by letting collaborators contribute data in real time. With Zoho Show, you get a powerful but easy-to-use presentation builder, that allows multiple people to work on the same slides at the same time, no versioning required.

These are the tools Zoho uses to work remotely.

Remotely will be available for all businesses for free until July 1st. We wish this is of help to all teams. We will review the free offer on July 1.

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