Audit and Accounting

We provide a service team with the right knowledge and industry experience to address your audit.

External Audit

Strong financial reporting gives confidence to shareholders, investors, clients, and other stakeholders, and enables your business to make reliable and informed decisions.


Your business will face new financial challenges at any stage of its growth, especially if you are involved in major transactions or restructuring. It is also important to keep up to date on any accounting or reporting issues that may pose a risk to your business.
Given the unstable dynamics of our global economic system, it has become a prerequisite for any business to consolidate non-core financial services to ascertain a competitive advantage. Today, CFOs and CPAs around the globe require accounting firms that can help reduce the company’s operating costs, increase profits, and set benchmarks for superior governance and compliance with regulations. That’s why most of them transfer accounting services to a third-party company. We offer a wide range of cost-effective accounting support services.
Size does not make a difference for us and every customer is equally important to us. We seek to serve you in the most efficient way.

Internal Audit

We want our clients to get an internal audit service that adds real value. So we spend as much time checking that controls address real risks, choose cost efficiency, and can be maintained through change while we test their functionality.

In this way we know that control is essential, it does not cost more than it needs and can continue to work in the future, not just in the current circumstances.

Over time we have developed reliable methodologies for internal audits of a number of areas – such as cost improvement, third party assurance, and data validation – and innovation delivery methods including risk-based analysis and security optimization. All of these have brought real benefits to our customers and all, along with many other services provided by the Internal Audit team, can be transferred to any public sector environment.

In accordance with the Allcon vision, all of our services can access our non-for-profit rates.

How can help in auditing services:

  1. Financial Reporting Resource Center
  2. Public companies
  3. Employee Benefit Plan Audit
  4. Global Audit
  5. Service Organization Control Attestation