Fund administration

Our fund administration team is particularly well placed to provide the range of expertise required in the set-up and ongoing administration.

Allcon offers an independent Authorised Corporate Director and fund administration solution, taking full regulatory responsibility for the funds.
This allows investment managers to focus on their core strengths and harness the potential of markets for their clients.

The specialist expertise and resources required to administer funds on a day-to-day basis mean that outsourcing this to an experienced third party is usually the preferred option.

Our Services

Transfer agency
Trusted shareholder services administering the full needs of your investors and other key stakeholders.

Client relationship
We place great emphasis on working in close partnership with our clients.

Operational assurance
We offer support in achieving full regulatory compliance

Pricing and valuations
We provide an independent, trusted and professional valuation service tailored to the specific objectives of each fund we act for.

Statutory reporting and tax
We ensure the professional and efficient delivery of interim and annual report & accounts